MaryAnn Talamo M.Photog. CPP

"I've have always had what they call a “photographic memory” I remember as a child studing the faces of loved ones, or trying to absorb the scenery of places I visited, hoping to capture those moments in my mind for all time. By the time I was 11, I was already in the routine of putting those visual memories down on paper when I took my first photography class in elementary school. Once I developed and printed that first role of film, my love for photography was born.

The next year at age 12, I was accepted into Mark Twain JHS for the Gifted and Talented, and that was the beginning of my life as an artist. Three years later at graduation, I won a UFT award, as well as the medal for best artist of my graduating class.

While continuing my art studies at Brooklyn College, I rediscovered my initial love of photography. Though I continued to work with acrylics, pencils and charcoal, photography was the perfect medium for catching life’s fleeting moments. After graduating with a degree in Studio Art, I opened my own portrait studio 2003.

Art has been one of the great loves of my life. I'm proud to say I've been studying the fine arts for over 30 years. Through continuing education, I’ve won several awards for my photography and I currently retain the title of Master of Photography, as well as Certified Professional Photographer through the PPA. My artistic background is an integral part of my work, especially when I am composing my images or putting together my sets.

But my greatest love of all is my family. I feel my experiences with my own three children greatly contribute to my understanding of my clients and their families, and the sensitivity and patience I put into my work. From first hand knowledge, I know how eventful family portrait time can become in the wrong enviroment. Because of that, I designed my studio to be comfortable and inviting, and I really strive to make the experience of children's portraiture as stress free as possible.

- MaryAnn

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